A Mindful Child


Wellness Education

therapeutic yoga

Specially designed for children of all ages, both group and private classes including after-school programs at a variety of local schools. A thoughtful mix of Hatha yoga complimented with elements of Kundalini yoga to a create balanced body and mind.

Psycho-education Neuroscience of yoga and meditation, and mental health wellness. Topics can include, youth and teen development, Autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, depression,addiction and trauma. Kundalini yoga, and Hatha yoga build physical vitlity and increase consciousness for optimim wellness. 


For children with special needs: includes medically fragile, Autism spectrum/ADHD, trauma survivors, anxiety, depression, and other emotional or behavioral difficulties; offers. Kundalini yoga, and Hatha yoga 

children's Yoga

kundalini yoga ~ See YouR CHILD ExperiencE the gift


A unique blend of Kundalini yoga and Hatha yoga to promote wellness and support for children and families to promote opportunities to learn, build trust, and self-awareness. We offer customized yoga classes to meet the individual needs of clients so they can optimally develop their strengths.